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About Me

I've lived in south-central Pennsylvania since 2003, prior to that in North Carolina. Professionally interests are pursued in Website Design, Training First Responders (and others), Hazardous Materials and Radiological Response and Photography.

As a Hazardous Materials Technician-Specialist with the Lancaster County HazMat-2 Environmental Fire Rescue Team, I am qualified as Specialist (per NFPA 472) for responding to Radiation, Anhydrous Ammonia, Tank Truck, Mass Decontamination and WMD Sampling incidents. I serve as Radiological Officer (RO) for both the Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency and the HazMat Team. Also a RAD-III Instructor for teaching a variety of radiological response courses.

My professional career has been as the Environment Health and Safety (EH&S) and Quality/ISO-9000 Manager for a group of paper mills, Emergency Management, Adult Education and responding to Radiological and Hazardous Materials incidents. Prior to moving to Pennsylvania, served as Volunteer Firefighter and Radiological Defense Officer (RDO) in North Carolina.

As a Local Level Instructor for the the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, courses are taught as an adjunct instructor for Bucks County Community College ("Bucks") and Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC). A variety of courses are instructed related to Hazardous Materials, Safety, Radiological hazards, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism topics – primarily for Industry and the Emergency Services but also for schools and other audiences (including the general public).

For relaxation I enjoy taking walks with my dog (a black lab), nature photography, writing, and playing musical instruments – including mountain lap dulcimer, drums (Scottish-Irish bodhrans and Native American drums), Native American flute, didgeridoo and jaw harp (Lochaber trump).

Please contact me if you possibly have any training, website or other needs which you'd like to discuss, I'd be glad for the opportunity to assist you! You may email me at “”.

George Dula



Descriptions of Certifications:

Adult Education Instructor (AEI):

Adult-level instructor trained in adult educational methodologies and qualified to instruct a variety of courses through the Pennsylvania State Fire Academy, Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Energy, and others. Training topics range from radiological, hazardous materials, emergency vehicle operations, exercise design, school bombing incidents, workplace safety, media relations - and others.

Radiological Officer (RO):

Responsible for developing, managing, evaluating and exercising a Radiological Protection System (RPS). Serve as RO for both Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency and Lancaster County HazMat-2, with responsibilities including emergency planning and response to the Three Mile Island and Peach Bottom Atomic Power Stations, as well as other incidents involving radiological materials.

Hazardous Materials Technician-Specialist (HMT-S):

Pro-Board certified Hazardous Materials Technician, per the requirements of NFPA-472 with Specialist Levels for responding to Anhydrous Ammonia, Highway Tank Trucks, Radiation, Mass Decontamination and WMD Sampling.

Radiation Specialist (RS):

Hazardous Materials Technician with a Radiation Specialty per NFPA 472 to provide support to the hazardous materials technician on the use of radiation detection instruments, with the ability to manage the control of radiation exposure and conduct hazards assessment at an incident involving radioactive materials. Knowledgable on the nature of radioactivity and the technical performance of radiological detection instruments, the medical effects, exposure control methods, decontamination techniques and instrument operations with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform assigned duties at a radiological incident. Per NFPA 472 (Annex G) have the knowledge and skills to: 1) Analyze a hazardous materials incident involving radioactive materials to determine the complexity of the problem and potential outcomes; 2) plan a response for an emergency involving radioactive material within the capabilities and competencies of available personnel, personal protective equipment, and control equipment based on an analysis of the radioactive material incident; and 3) implement the planned response to a hazardous materials incident involving radioactive material.

Radiological III Instructor (R3I):

Qualified by PEMA, FEMA and DOE to instruct various local level training curricula including Radiological Officer (RO), Radiological Response Team (RRT), Radiological Assistant (RA), Modular Emergency Response Radiological Transportation Training (MERRTT), Fundamentals Course for Radiological Response (FCRR), Hospital Emergency Department Management of Radiation Accidents (HRA-2), and WMD Radiological / Nuclear Awareness.

Professional Development Series (PDS):

FEMA certification for Emergency Management professionals in the fundamentals of emergency management, building cadres of disaster coordinators and managers at all levels for all hazards in all phases of emergency management.

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