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Specializing in affordable website design and maintenance for Individuals and Small Businesses who may not know how to go about getting - or even know they can - have a website!

Utilizing Adobe Creative Suite CS-5 Web Premium (including Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop and more) to provide you with the best possible in website designs.

Please email me to discuss your needs at

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I've discovered that many people (including myself just several years back) really haven't any clear idea of how to create a website for themselves or their business, and wrongly assume that it has to cost them a lot of money to do so - or that they have to have a fast computer and Internet connection to host their website. Both of these are wrong assumptions! For a reasonable fee, I can get you started with a basic website with much of the information you'll most likely need. If you need something more complex, then I'll work with you for an hourly fee. Sometimes I've even been known to barter for services, if you have something which would be useful to me.

Website hosting can work in a few ways. If you already own your domain name and utilize a web hosting service, before I can work on your website I'll need access to it - which means I'll need information such as your HTTP Address (URL), the Host Name or FTP Address of your web server, your FTP Log-in and FTP Password. If you don't already have a web address, our first project will be to decide on a website (domain) name you like and then see if it's available. Once we decide on your domain name, either you can secure it yourself using your credit card or you can utilize my web hosting service. Just be aware that if you acquire the domain name yourself, you'll need to provide me with the access information so I can begin working on your website.

Please drop me a note if you're interested in seeing what we can do together, I'm confident we can create something beneficial for you. I look forward to hearing from you!


Website maintenance can work in different ways. The most common scenario would be for me to continue as the Webmaster for the website I've helped create, either for a reasonable annual maintenance fee or on an "as needed" basis when something needs to be updated or changed.

Another scenario would be where I assume the Webmaster role for a website you already have. Now be aware, depending on how your website was created (such as what software was used), I may not be able to work on your existing website and it may need to be re-created by me, but as close to your existing website as possible. This option would most likely involve a number of hours of work, so please be aware that your cost may be an issue.

Very few costs are "cast in stone" so please contact me to discuss your unique needs.


Do you ever do a search on one of the Search Engines like Yahoo! or Google and wonder how some websites consistently rank highly in the rankings? One way is simply to pay the big search engine companies their monthly "per hit" fees for when people click on your website - which because you've paid them appears higher in the search rankings.

But another option is to utilize the many free options available to us, the tricks of the trade which I can assist you with. I've done this quite successfully with other websites, and would be glad to do so for you! Please contact me if you'd like to discuss this further.


I transitioned from film to digital photography several years ago and utilize it for my my website work. I pride myself in using my own photos wherever possible on websites. The software used to edit my photos is Adobe Photoshop. Feel free to look at the websites I've designed to see my photographic work.


Do you want to have a magazine or newspaper advertisement created for yourself or your business? Do you need help laying out your business cards or a flyer? I have created numerous ads and other layouts for local businesses — let's see if I can help you with yours!

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