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Emergency Vehicles and Railroad Grade Crossing Safety
Training Courses

Please click on the following links to go down the page to the course descriptions:

  1. Dynamics of Emergency Vehicle Response

  2. Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

  3. Operation Lifesaver - Railroad Crossing Safety

Dynamics of Emergency Vehicle Response

Length of Course:

4 Hours (Lecture)



Course Goal:

Students attending this course will have an opportunity to review and enhance their knowledge of operation of vehicles in the response environment.

Course Description:

This course is designed as a supplement to and refresher for the prerequisite course Emergency Vehicle Operators Course. It reviews some basic principles of safe vehicle operation and introduces the concept of space and speed management in operation of any vehicle.

Certifying Agency:

Pennsylvania State Fire Academy


Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Length of Course:

16 Hours (8 Hours Lecture / 8 Hours Lab)



Course Goal:

The goal of this program is to stimulate the thought process of the students and to make them aware of the potential tragedy, financial loss, legal and moral responsibilities that they have when operating emergency vehicles. The program will verify proficiency in both the knowledge of driving and emergency vehicle and the practical application to emergency vehicle driving.

Description of Course:

A large proportion of emergency responder deaths and injuries occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents involving emergency response vehicles. This course is suitable for both novice and veteran emergency vehicle operators. This course consists of eight (8) hours of classroom and eight (8) hours of driving on a competency course. This course will teach, reinforce and review those issues and skills needed by anyone who operates a motor vehicle in responding to an emergency.

Certifying Agency:

Pennsylvania State Fire Academy

Operation Lifesaver - Railroad Grade Crossing Safety

Operation Lifesaver Presenters are trained and certified to provide important safety information to driver's education students and other school children, community service clubs and civic groups, school bus operators and professional truck drivers, company safety programs and others. Your State Coordinator can help you schedule a free highway-rail or pedestrian safety presentation in your community, with sufficient advance notice.

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