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These are some of the websites I’ve designed or worked on, and comments received from others.

Conceptual Solutions - Website Design & Training:

Celtic Myth and Moonlight:

Wanderer of the Mysts:

Ink and Essence:

St. Pius-X Gear: (no longer active)

Life Confidence Coaching:

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Hickory Run Campground:

Celtic Myth and Moonlight

I am writing this note in regards to Mr. George Dula. I am the owner of a Celtic shop in West Reading, Pennsylvania and met George many years ago when he came into the shop. We became fast friends, and through our friendship I found that he had a great interest in web design as well as graphic design. I was hoping to have our own website for the shop and asked George for his help, which he did without hesitation. Through our working together I've found George to have a great work ethic and a desire for excellence which is shown on the web pages he designed. He tirelessly worked on every aspect of its design, he was our photographer for both the shop photographs and all the items shown on the site's pages. He's been a great asset to me, and I feel that his eye for detail helped to make our web site the best that it can be. I'm very grateful for his help which he continues to give at every available moment. I feel George will be a great asset to you and know he will provide you with the same degree of excellence that he has given me.
Dorothy Knowles, Owner, Celtic Myth and Moonlight, May 7, 2009 ||

A quick thanks for your helpful emergency management page.. :)

Hello there,

My name is Kathryn Miller and I'm a science teacher for some lovely students at a charter school in Northern California. I hope I'm not a bother, but I just wanted to take the time to send you a quick thank you note on behalf of my class and myself. My students just completed their disaster safety and preparedness projects and found your page ( to be such a great reference, so from Mrs. Miller's class - thank you :) As a small token of our appreciation, my student had the idea of sending along another helpful page that she actually came across during her research ( It has some great information and resources on preparing for different natural disasters and weather emergencies, that we thought would be helpful for other students/parents out there.

And if you wouldn't mind adding it to your other resources, I'd love to show my student who went above and beyond, that her work was appreciated and shared with others. Thanks again, and we hope to hear back from you soon!

Mrs. Miller's class

Loved your webpage! Special Thanks from Mrs.Bowen and Kids! :)

Good Morning!

I just wanted to send you a quick note on behalf of some of the kids in our Summer Excellence Program! We've been using your page ( ) quite a bit while going over emergency preparedness and family escape planning!

As a Thank You, a couple of the kids also found and wanted to pass along this resource page about Disaster Preparedness : ( )

We've actually been using it just as much as your page and thought that maybe you would want to include it on your Links page! I was hesitant to email you at first but the kids keep asking if I've talked to you about it yet (they're so cute!)

Would possibly consider adding it for them?  I would love to surprise them before we finish next Friday, that their research find has actually benefited someone else! They would be so excited!...and I may even surprise them with a pizza party :)

Thanks again!

Susan Bowen
Mason Learning Center

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